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PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:59 am    Post subject: AT-43 ONI Reply with quote

On Sunday I went over to Alex's place to pick up my ONI box and try them out. We played two battle box games.

ONI (Alex) vs COGS (Me)
ONI's Bokov sniper hero chick has higher Authority than a highly advanced genetically perfected COG so the ONI won the first few rounds of the game before the tide turned to the COGS. Dutifully on the first turn all the stuff rumbled onto the tabletop. The ONI Zombie infantry suffered massively from COG rifle fire and their *** Vandal dropping a massive double hit 10cm template on the guys that could 'create' new Zombies for each kill (in the enemy unit no less which they had done!)

Zombie Detonators (zombies with grenades for hands) took out some more COG infantry leaving the Heroes alive. Each sides AFVs took to each other but the ONI rolling was pretty poor.

By turn 4 the ONI had their AFVs left vs both COG AFVs and all the Heroes (with missile launchers). The Heroes put 6 damage onto the ONI *** Vlad with really lucky rolls (6 to damage) and that sealed the game.

Red Blok (Alex) vs ONI (Me)
This wasn't a long game and my hot dice continued. The ONI vehicles acted as cover for the Zombie squads and in general we kept to the few bits of cover. Some over confident Dragonov Spetnatz hunkered down behind walls in front of the ONI *** Vlad, forgetting that its main gun can fire in AT or burst mode and was in overwatch. So a penetration 17 6cm blast later there were no spetznatz left.

Both sides continued to use vehicles to block LOS (the ONI ones are good for this as they aren't walkers) so there wasn't much infantry action going on. The AFVs were pounding each other but it was the legendary ineffectivness of Red Blok anti-tank even at point blank range that saw the Dotch Yaga go down to the Vlad (3 points of damage per hit, 2 attack dice) and next in line was Urod.

Thoughts on ONI
Their human infantry (not in the army box) are Steel Trooper level, so ok. The Zombies bring some fun; the Detonators * and Contaminators * can appear in enemy units when a casualty is caused by a zombiegun. Detonators can do damage to light AFVs. Super Zombies ** carry the zombie guns (burst radius) and are otherwise like Star Troopers with better armour (5). Expect them to die but hopefully after creating zombies in the enemy. All the *** infantry are Zombie tac arms. Despite ONI's technology and dealing with anyone, they don't have any flamethrowers (plenty of other burst weapons though), missile launchers or jammers. Their infantry is therefore really light on anti-tank.

That means its up to their tanks (cute little wheeled things) to take on the hard targets. ONI tanks are cheaper than relative types in other factions and have two differences: they have 1 more body point so Babs can't take out a ** or *** in one shot and auto-repair so they are durable, but they only have 1 gun which is only good at anti tank or infantry. Only the *** Heavy Battle Tank can really switch modes with its burst maser shot. The guns aren't that crash hot, ie 2 shots generally, again UNA level accuracy and power so they can't pour it out and will suffer to bad die or cover.

They do look great though and have plenty of character. The Zombies are cool and tanks cute. I'll have to read further into the forums to see how they can be make cheesy as I wasn't seeing it with the battle box lists (of which COGs are deffinately sub-cheesy). All in all they appear at first glance to be RB/UNA level (until the guy in the suit comes out with his COG powerful that he can cloak a unit of zombie spawning zombies with hehehe)
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi guys,

I am sitting on about 1000pts UNA who have never really seen any combat for the last 2 years. I am keen to get into this game again. Probably buy more units too. where are you guys all located/playing?

i know BattleBunker in Northcote is keen to set up some regular games. Their space is enormous, great gaming tables etc.

Hope to get some games going.

Please pm me or reply.


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